NetEnt Hansel and Gretel Game Review

Hansel and Gretel video slot is a fantastic trilogy fairy tale that provides you with an opportunity to continue your legendary adventures. As you play it, you should be ready to take on a wondrous journey in the deep dark woods. It is one of those top-notch video slots captured by as the real game changers.

Hansel and Gretel Game Overview

Hansel and Gretel is Net Entertainment's second title from its Fairytale Legends. This magic-filled, 5-reel video slot takes you into the deepest and the darkest woods as you attempt to aid your siblings find their way through the thicket and escape the wicked witch. This game is packed with free spins as elaborated in . It also features:

  • Wild substitutions
  • Stacked wild re-spins
  • Bonus and random features

NetEnt's stunning visual production exhibits a thrilling gameplay. This practically showcases pan avalanche of stunning animations, giving life to the classic story. According to the Chief Production Officer of Net Entertainment game developer, Hansel and Gretel is a thoroughly enchanting chapter in their Fairytale Legends. It has breath-taking design and engaging features that demonstrate the company's capability.

Amazing Slots Adventure

Hansel & Gretel video slot will surely leave you highly impressed by Net Entertainment's high creativity. It demonstrates the game developer's desire for excellence and thoughtfulness about their clients and player. Needless to say, there is quite incredible production work that went into this fantastic video slot. The work is both deeply thematic and highly-detailed.

Hansel & Gretel features two main characters deep inside a creepy forest on a moonlit night. The blend of greens and blues, the eerie afterglow, and the foggy lock all add to the fantasy ambiance. The sound design and the music fit the game settings extremely well. This kind of adventure provides an immersive experience second to none.

Enjoying the Slots Sugar Rush

Although Hansel & Gretel does not have standard symbols and many paylines, it has a lot of added bonuses and features, making it a video slot plentiful of gameplay variety. For example, the stacked wilds that can be found on the screen are capable of covering an entire reel. When this happens, a player gets free re-spins.

In addition to the re-spins, a player also gets paid for the wins that these substitutes help them to complete successfully. During spins, there're three distinct random effects that are able to occur. A helpful fairy that is capable of floating across the screen brings each of the three special random effects to life. In a Fairy Surprise:

  • When symbols change, a losing spin turns into a winning one
  • The wild spin results in fully stacked wild reels

Lost in the Forest, What Next for the Main Characters?

Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel is a captivating story about two little boys lost in the forest after being left there by their dad and step-mom. This 5-reel, 10-payline video slot has a rather straightforward objective. All you need is to match identical symbols across the lines. It is mandatory to play all the 10 lines.

Even as you play your lines, you must have within your possession, a wide array of coin values. The slot allows you to bet anywhere fro 1-10 coins per line. The game is quite appealing and appropriate to both high rollers and budget-conscious punters. There is yet another interesting fact about the game:

  • To earn prizes, you need not start your winning combinations from reel one.

Hansel & Gretel Game Play

Having consecutive same symbols on a reel really matters in this game. Compared to a normal machine, Hansel & Gretel presents you with lots of ways for making three of four symbol wins. The symbols, in this case, are a blend of thematic icons. Consider matching different kinds of hard candies in different colors for little wins.

Hansel & Gretel is among the very few fairytales that have endured the collective consequences and wins the trust and favor of many a player. The two children Hansel and Gretel, after being left in the forest by their parents, came across an amazing candy cabin that doesn't look like what has been passed down through generations.